Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Snow Cap Winter Warmer

The last time I bought a Pyramid beer...not sure but its been awhile. Anyway, when I was recently contacted to try Snow Cap, celebrating its  30th anniversary this year, I thought, sure, why not? I've been surprised by more beers as time has gone on and according to Untappd I hadn't had Snow Cap before.

Poured from the bomber that arrived on my doorstep the aroma and flavor presented on the sweet side, not unexpected for the style. I tend to prefer my beers hoppier however as the beer warmed instead of becoming more malty as expected, the spice notes became more prominent, balancing the roasted chocolate and caramel malts.

I suspect this beer would play well on many palates, such as one might encounter over the next few days and weeks during holiday gatherings. The deep ruby/copper color would not only look nice against a holiday spread but would be a nice compliment to many foods from cheese plate to meaty main dish to dessert.

Pyramid products are widely available, including at Plaid Pantry stores, meaning all it takes is a quick pop in to grab a bottle on your way to the feasting. Reasonably priced ($3 at one of the Pantry's near me), it'll leave more jingle in your pocket to pick up that special beer you've been wanting to try later on. Winner, winner, turkey dinner.

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