Tuesday, October 16, 2007

East Coast Beer!

In an effort to ensure they outlive their son, my parents kindly brought back some unhealthy, life-shortening beer they picked up in Virginia. During their last trip they brought back wine, which was pretty good...at least to this undiscriminating wine palate. We're pretty hopeful that this stuff is equally as good although I've never heard of the breweries before nor, obviously, the beer.
...even the dog likes it...or so she seems to think...

Anyway, the sampler pack is from The St. George Brewing Company in Hampton, VA. It includes a nut brown ale, pilsner, golden ale, lager, IPA, and an American brown ale. The other three bombers are from Williamsburg Ale Works in Williamsburg, VA. The 'rents picked up an imperial IPA (Ironbound Ale), an imperial brown ale (?!?!? - "400" Ale), and Wolfe's Trap Ale.

And no, we're not gonna share, but maybe we'll tell you about it.


  1. So, when should I come over to help sample the beer?!

  2. Apparently you didn't read the blog, now did you? I suppose we could split these four ways, but if we do that, we have a couple of demands in return...
    1) No more squirrel torturing.
    2) No more flaring up campfires to burn the hair off the legs of individuals sleeping nearby.
    3) No more making fun of said sleeping individuals.

    That's probably enough for now.

  3. Thanks for sharing the Williamsburg Ale Works bombers with us.

    I enjoyed having you two and Cleo over.

    But, wow, those bombers were potent. At some point, I was feeling to woozy to sit up so I laid down on the floor to rest a bit. I couldn't get back up! I tried to get up when you left but the floor had grabbed a hold of me!

    Oh, about the squirrel torturing, I believe it was Cleo that was terrorizing poor Rocky. I thought she was going to bite through the cage to get to him.