Saturday, October 13, 2007

It didn't make me a man, but it sure was good

With only time for a short stop at Great Waters today, on the premise of getting a growler filled, I sampled two of their cask beers in those nifty half pints. The Bent Niblick Scottish Ale had the characteristic creamy cask head with a pleasant oat aroma. Colored slightly lighter than expected, more like an IPA, this is a very drinkable, slightly hopping brew that could nearly be considered a session beer. And if anyone is wondering about the name, apparently a niblick is a golf club and the bent part, well I guess the brewer makes beer better than he golfs. While the Niblick isn't bad I was completely bowled over by It Will Make You a Man India Pale Ale. Again, a creamy lasting head but with the beautiful hoppy aroma of an IPA. A true pleasure for any hop head and one I'll be sharing with friends this evening since this was the hands down winner in my choice to fill the growler. The other two casks currently on tap are their House Ale (an excellent session beer) and Black Watch Oat Stout. Their current pushed selection consists of Golden Prairie Blond, St. Peter Pale, Brown Trout Brown Ale, Pflugenpflagen, Time Warp Trippel and Black Watch Oat Stout. It's getting a little chilly to enjoy their patio but their beers have come a long way over the past few years making enduring their cold, loud bar worth it.

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  1. It Will Make You a Man India Pale Ale is quite tasty. I was not so keen on the Bent Niblick but I'm not a fan of Scottish ales.

    The beers at GWBC have come a long way. Now if only they could do something about the ambiance of their bar. Brrr! Just thinking about it gives me the shivers.

    There is a consolation prize, however. Get a growler and find some place warmer to enjoy it at.