Saturday, December 1, 2007

Blue Nile

Last night I finally made it to the Blue Nile. Their name always seems to pop up in news about good beer and special releases but for whatever reason I just hadn’t gotten around to making it there. So thankfully Kat and Scott called and invited me out with them for some imperial stout drinking. Having paid more attention to MN Beer lately than me, Scott knew they were having Surly Darkness, Bell’s Expedition Stout and Old Rasputin all on tap last night. Since there were three of us and three beers to be had we ordered all three and proceeded to enjoy some very fine beer. I ended up being the odd man out, choosing the Expedition Stout as my favorite of the three although “best glass” certainly goes to Surly for their very nice Darkness goblets. When placed side by side Old Rasputin was the least favorite however all three are great brews and I wouldn’t be disappointed drinking any of the three any day of the week. Blue Nile is an interesting joint with some great snackies and a great bartender who ensures a fine selection of beer. I’m already looking forward to my next visit!

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  1. Did you meet Al? Dark hair, goatee and the ability to sling beer like a wizard?