Thursday, January 24, 2008

Two and More

After receiving some grief last night about the length of time between postings here I decided I’d better come up with something for our loyal readers. That being said I can’t promise a work of art but I’ll try to make it better than the widget article.

Last night we headed up to the Blue Nile to partake in Surly’s release of Two. It was unfortunate that the new location of the Acadia Café wasn’t able to host this event but I’m sure all who attended last night were grateful to Al or whoever over at Blue Nile made the decision to offer up their location for the release. We were just barely in the door when we ran into the first of our many beer friends that had shown up for the festivities. It seemed like nearly every one was there so surrounded by good company, we got our fill of Two, cask Furious and the new Mild. All three were tasty brews but my vote for the best of the three would have to go to the cask Furious. Two is good but wasn’t quite up to the high standards set by One in my book. That doesn’t mean though I won’t try to get my lips on a good deal more before it’s gone and I’m looking forward to having a nice long session of Mild at some point. Maybe we’ll all get lucky and this will be the next brew canned and stocked at my nearby Cellar’s. Even with the crowd at the bar and the resulting longer than usual wait for beer it was a very pleasant night of drinking. Hope the rest of you that were there enjoyed it as well and those of you that weren’t…you should have been!


  1. Get the Mild quick, most places are almost outta it (there was even less made then Smoke).

  2. I hope Surly starts canning their Mild. The Mild is a great session beer and is a beer I would like to have for home consumption.

  3. We were at the Muddy Pig, in case you didn't take the time to read Mag's latest post and they still had Mild so if you need your fix I'd head on over there. And if by chance they are out, we'll there's plenty of other tasty options that are reasonably priced.