Friday, January 25, 2008

We've Upped Our Standards, So Up Yours!

Yeah, I stole that from the Tortuga Twins, but whatever.

Due to demands for higher standards from the vocal readership, forthwith there shan't be further mention of the offensive widgets, nitro balls, or any other mundane gadgetry or chicanery. Alas, that bridge has been crossed once and we do not need to cross it again. So what, praytell, you may ask, will the newer, higher standards of posting for our musings be? Well, how about amusing graffiti, for starters?

Kris and I decided to head over to the Muddy Pig tonight for a bit of grub and a bit of beer. I've got to say, once again, that place is very quickly securing itself as one of my favs. Even when that place is packed to the gills, the service still seems to be on top of stuff. And you can't beat the beer selection. I had tonight, for the first time, a Rogue Mogul. Damn that was a fine beer. I was both surprised and impressed. This 7% ABV pale (or was it IPA?) is made with 5 different malts and 7 different hops. It looked like a nut brown ale, it was so dark, and it didn't have much aroma, but damn it was a fine tasting beer. Kris had Rush River's Winter Warmer which, I guess, is a Scotch ale. It smelled faintly of brown sugar and was well balanced and sweet to taste. Very good beer as well.

Anyway, after enjoying a few beers and musing about the aforementioned need to elevate our literary standards, I found myself swaying a bit and bemusedly reading the grafitti at the men's urinal. What first caught my attention was the on-going argument about graffiti. It went something like this, "This is grafetti. That's not how you spell graffeti asshole. Dumbshit, you've got grafiti spelled wrong." I paraphrased, but you get the gist. Priceless. Then I noticed some comments that were, at first, amusing and then disturbing because they seemed out of place in a men's restroom. The first was, "A hard man is good to find." The second was, "It's not pretty being easy." Man, if I could only enlist the cheery, witty souls that penned those words! That'd take this damn blog to whole new levels of quality. Alas, we'll have to simply rely on the inspiration those words provide for now.

Now the question is, what restroom should I seek out next for inspiration (in the most non-Craigian fashion)?


  1. I was around the corner at the Gnome for most of Saturday night. We'll have to coordinate better....had a little Bell's Expedition Stout on cask left over from Thursday's tapping, which was still amazing AND they only charged my $3 for it!

  2. $3 for a pint at the Happy Gnome!!! Unheard of!