Wednesday, February 20, 2008

It's ok...we're still here

For those of you that may have been faithfully logging on and wondering why we haven’t posted any new drinking exploits, well there are a couple good reasons. #1- Mag was sick all of last weekend which, seeing as how Kris is such a good wife, curtailed the drinking for the both of them. #2- Kris has to be in New Orleans, hell hole of the South and a virtual wasteland of craft beer, for a good chunk of the week for work.
However, trying to make the best of the situation, I scoped out the beer situation at the Atlanta airport where I will be stopping both to and from New Orleans. Last time I was through that airport I stumbled across SweetWater Brewery and found that there are a few good brews coming out of the South. I had hopes of being in the same terminal (B- near gate 12 in case it matters) or if not there at least knowing other places I might find something beyond one of the big guys (Sam Adams has locations in C and A). As luck would have it, my 2 hour layover on Tuesday landed me in terminal E but I was able to find “The Bar” that was pouring SweetWater’s 420. My hotel in New Orleans, while quite close to the Convention Center, is located in the aptly named Warehouse district. The translation is: extremely limited facilities from which to purchase or drink beer at…polar opposite to the Warehouse District of Minneapolis. The one corner market within reasonable walking distance didn’t have a huge selection but there was enough Abita (tried quite a few from their line the first time around and as with SweetWater, provided a pleasant surprise) including Jockamo IPA to suffice. Needless to say, there isn’t much beering to report…at least until the coming weekend if all goes well. Until then, if you’re drinking something lovely, think of me and drink an extra one in my honor.

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