Sunday, February 3, 2008

Reason #1 not to drink wine

You might end up coming home in something like this. Last night was Gene & Jeff’s annual Wino & White Elephant Party and as was expected it was another great party involving plenty of wine and some “great” gifts. I suppose I shouldn’t admit this but in all fairness I wasn’t actually drunk when the stealing of this fine coat happened. In my defense I already had 1 gift but since there were more gifts than people some of us got a second one and I decided that I should be the one to go home with this. This won’t be heading to the local thrift shop as you might be expecting but will instead be revisiting the house from which it came next Halloween. Not sure exactly what type of zombie would be wearing this but I do know I won’t be a zombie freezing her tush off.


  1. Well the t-shirt is cool, anyway... ;)

  2. After the fact I did realize the cool shirt got pulled into the scary coat picture.