Thursday, October 2, 2008

It doesn't take much of an excuse

Last night we decided to use the excuse of the new floor installation as a reason to go out for dinner. After quite a few rounds of, “I don’t care, wherever you want to go,” we settled on Buster's since the last time I was there was for Schell’s Dampfbier release and Mag’s last time was even earlier than that.

When we got there the place was pretty full and the wait staff pretty slow to seat us but we were able to get a table. Perusing the beer menu, knowing with the way things were going I’d better be ready with my drink order as soon as she came back, Surly’s Coffee Bender popped out at me, then Tyranena’s Hop Wh0re but what really drew me in was Rogue’s Anniversary Ale. I’ve had quite a few Rogue products and to be sure I can’t list them all but this was one, looking at the name, I was pretty sure I hadn’t had and after tasting it, I’m more sure I haven’t had it before.

I was hoping to pull the description off of Buster’s menu, but the one they have posted on line is not up to date, because for once I thought the description was right on the money. Suffice it to say this is a tasty one, overall very balanced and full of flavor. Since it’s not listed on the Rogue website I wonder if it isn’t part of their Locker Stock series or some type of limited release. Either way if I can get some more of it before it’s gone I sure will.

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