Thursday, October 16, 2008

Recession, what recession?

Last night we attempted to check out The Blue Door. We’d heard great things about it, both in terms of their beer selection and food, and were excited to get the call from the McG’s that they were heading up there. They arrived at The Blue Door before we had left the house only to find that there was a huge wait and not even standing room in which to do the waiting. So, on to plan B which was to go to Groveland Tap. Another call came that the situation was the same there!

Plan C…Muddy Pig. By this time we were leaving the house but keeping the phone handy just in case. It turned out that although there were people at the Muddy Pig it wasn’t being mobbed and in fact there were booths open. So as far as I can tell, there might be a recession going on in the larger world but apparently not here amongst the craft beer crowd. Who would have thought that on a Wednesday night not one, but TWO places would be so packed?

I’m still looking forward to checking out The Blue Door at some point but our trip to the Muddy Pig didn’t disappoint. Seeing Furthermore’s Fallen Apple on their menu I knew I had to give that a try. It’s not a cider and not really a beer either, but some combination of the two that works. I’m thrilled that I continue to be impressed with each new brew I try of theirs.

There seemed to be quite a few hoppy beers and many above 8%, of which a good share made it to our table. My contribution to the hoppy beers was Two Sisters Double IPA from Left Hand. Hoppy, yes, high in alcohol, yes and yummy! However I think my favorite of the night would have to be Kasteel Rouge. This one is so good it just might knock the Duchess off her pedestal. I’m not sure who else carries it but I know I’ll be looking for it from here on out.

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