Sunday, August 23, 2009

Social Networking Confusion

I constantly struggle with finding the best way to stay on top of goings-on. I like to know what my friends are doing, I like to know what's going on around town, I like to know what various breweries and brewpubs are doing, and so on. I've got about 329874932874 tools available to do this...and that's the problem. For all the tools we have available to simplify this kind of stuff, it seems to have gotten more complicated. If I'm looking for information to post to MNBeer or for my own interest, do I check websites and homepages or wait for e-mail blasts or do I look to Facebook or MySpace or, or, or or do I check out Twitter or do I go to BeerAdvocate or, or, or maybe I should send out e-mails or maybe I should just visit these places or, or, or maybe I should pray or maybe I should slit my wrist. Aaaaiiieeee, I feel so insignificant!!!


  1. Hey, it's all good. Have a craft beer and ALL will suddenly be lucid.

  2. Publishers of information have a similar conundrum. Do they publish to an email list, Twitter, on a Facebook page, their blog, special-interest websites, newspapers, etc?

    Regarding beer events, I swear every other week I have a conversation with some event organizer in which I tell them "contact MNBeer. It's free and it gets the word out."

  3. Hi Kris! Sorry, I've been on vacation, so only now getting back to you about the fruits used in Guac Off. One group used diced mango and another group used pureed pineapple. Both were very delicious!

  4. I find that once the word is on, it is out.

    Got a call the other day from my Capital Beverage salesrep who heard about Battle of the Belg and wanted to get some Goose Island beers involved.
    So, if I run out of Brother Thelonious, Pere Jacques will take up the slack!
    How'd he know? MNBeer!

  5. That's cool, Al! We'll happily post any news you have.