Sunday, August 2, 2009


An impromptu stop at Stub & Herb’s yesterday yielded one of the most difficult menu decisions in a long time, especially considering we’re in the midst of high wheat beer season. Perusing their beer list I could only find a couple of brews I immediately discounted, put some of others into the “had and would enjoy having again” category, but found plenty “new” ones I was interested in.

The most intriguing one was from Dark Horse, which if you read about our trip to Michigan over Memorial Day, you’ll know is highly regarded by this beer drinker. Since the name, Rod “the boner beer”, didn’t give anything away as to the style I asked the bartender. He didn’t know much about it either but happily brought me a sample and filled me in on the name. Apparently the beer is brewed with some herbs that are considered aphrodisiacs. Upon tasting it, I found it to be watery and lacking much flavor at all. Oh well, there were plenty more to choose from.

This then led to my order of Founders Centennial IPA, again another great stop during our time in Michigan. Sporting a light amber color, it lacked much in the way of aroma, but the flavor offered enough hoppy b.o.-ness to be quite enjoyable.

Once the last of the IPA had made its way from the glass to my mouth, I went for one of my favorite coffee beers, Furthermore’s Oscura. A really fine beer in its own right, it also turned out to be a very complimentary follower to the IPA. The end of the pint of Oscura also brought an end to my menu deliberations at Sturb’s for the day as there were other afternoon obligations calling.

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  1. Rod is more of an energy drink then a beer is what a brewery employee mentioned.