Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Does John Henry have any brothers?

I first had Cold Spring’s John Henry 3 Lick Spiker Ale at Indulge in June. This was the first thing I’ve ever enjoyed that came out of Cold Spring and it’s been stuck in the back of my mind ever since. I guess in part because it is such a good brew and in part because I just can’t reconcile Cold Spring with a beer of this caliber.

Here we tend to go by the old rule everyone’s mom drilled into them: if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. So I don’t want this to come across as saying something not nice. Instead, I’d prefer to think of it as a bit of a challenge to the brewers at Cold Spring. With John Henry, you’ve proven that you can make an absolutely incredible beer. I challenge you to do it again…and again.

I enjoyed it in June, but now that the weather has most definitely turned, I’m enjoying it even more. At 9.1% ABV this is a sipper to be sure, one that fills the nose with aroma, coats the mouth with flavor and leaves a pleasant, lingering aftertaste until you lift the glass again and enjoy the next sip.


  1. Where did you find it? I wonder if Surdyks or Big Top has it?
    I want to try it to, since I've never been impressed at all by anything from Cold Spring....

  2. I found it at Cellar's in Eagan. If there's a Cellar's near you, I'd check there.