Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Victory Wild Devil

A few weeks back I picked up a bottle of Victory Wild Devil and it’s been patiently sitting in the beer fridge waiting to be uncorked. It almost happened a week ago, but we ended up going out for beers instead of staying in so it went from “on deck” (aka in the fridge in the house) back out to the beer fridge in the garage.

On Saturday at ABR I had a chance to try Victory Wild Devil on tap and I mentioned to the guy that I had been looking forward to the bottle I had of it at home. Quite surprisingly he told me it was much better in the bottle than in the keg. Seriously, this is the first time I’ve heard this. Usually it’s the other way around.

So after sleeping off ABR it was the first football Sunday of the year and we had plans to watch the game with some friends. As we were packing up beer I made sure the Wild Devil went along since the taste of the kegged version was relatively fresh in my mind.

Upon arrival, with Mag’s help, the Devil was uncorked. Highly carbonated, only about ¼ of a glass could be poured no matter how gently I tried to ease it down the side. Then the waiting began as the huge head slowly began to recede and I was able to get my first taste. And you know what? The guy from ABR was completely right. The brett was only faintly detectable in the keg but took a nice front row seat in the bottle. According to Victory’s website, they brew this year round so I’m looking forward to having more.

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