Friday, December 18, 2009

The Fulton Verdict

An unusual situation has been in play regarding a new beer on the market – Fulton’s Sweet Child of Vine. It’s been available for weeks, possibly months, and until last night I hadn’t had it. Now I must say that I hadn’t really been seeking it out but on the other hand I was looking for an opportunity to try it.

Previously the closest I had come was at Stub & Herb’s. The last time I was there I only had time for a single pint and as I was a couple of delicious sips into it I noticed the bartender changing out a tap handle, replacing it with a Fulton one. Dang! If I’d only gotten there 10 mintues later I could have had it. Ah well, I figured, my first taste of Fulton just wasn’t in the cards that day.

Last night, arriving at the Edina Grill early for the Lift Bridge event, I spied the Fulton tap handle (good thing since it wasn’t listed on the menu). Excited to finally be able to try it, but tempering my excitement with the mixed bag of reviews I had heard, I was prepared to be underwhelmed. My verdict? This is a really good beer!

Now don’t go and think that after a single pint I’ve drank the Fulton Kool-Aid. As much as I enjoyed it, I’ll be interested to see if I enjoy my next pint as much as the first. Plus, they are still newbies and my overall impression won’t be complete until I have another brew or two from them. And I’d like to meet the guys as well so hopefully the next time they’re making the rounds I won’t be as busy as I was when the Child came out. But they’re off to a good start in my book.


  1. I had a pint of Sweet Child a couple weeks ago, and enjoyed it. Interested in sampling some of their other stuff when it becomes available, like Worthy Adversary.

  2. I agree...I've had it twice now and it's a pretty solid beer. I can't put my finger on it but it's got a unique twist to it that makes it a little different in a good way. Let's hope they continue to do well.