Saturday, February 13, 2010

Celt's Pub

Finding a place to drink good beer around these parts isn’t hard. In fact it seems like sometimes there are so many that it’s hard to make it to all of them, to spread the love around. And just when it seems there are more choices than one deserves to have, another pops up.

Last night after dinner at Ginger Hop, we met up with some friends at Celt’s Pub in Inver Grove Heights. We’ve been there before and have been pleasantly surprised to find a couple of good beers keeping company on their ten or few taps with all those macros you’d expect to find at any dive-ish bar. I make the comparison to a dive-ish bar because from the outside that’s what it looks like and walking in the door, the impression is pretty much the same.

So back to the beer. To our delight, the good taps on this visit were represented by Bell’s Hopslam and Surly Furious. Plus, they’ve got a better than average bottle list for this type of joint, including bombers of Rogue Dead Guy. Celt’s also gets points for very friendly staff, tasty Heggies Pizza (yes, it’s frozen but it’s still pretty darn good AND it’s a Minnesota based company), a popcorn machine and Big Buck Hunter.

Apparently the Inver Grove Heights location, is one of three, with the other two in Rosemount and Hastings. I can’t vouch for the other two but if you find yourself in Inver Grove Heights, maybe planning to check out KoD, I’d highly recommend making some time to stop in at Celt’s.


  1. edit: happy HOUR prices. Or happy prices, whatever.

  2. Never heard of it, going to have to check it out. Is it Irish? Or just Dive-ish? What did you think of Ginger Hop? I recently posted about them. I have only been a couple of times but their tap list is superb and their happy prices (Food and Beer) were exceptional. Food was pretty tasty as well.

  3. Really, just dive-ish.

    Ginger Hop was ok, but with its NE location and living in Eagan I wouldn't be inclined to go back again. My bahn mi sandwich was ok (although I don't have anything to compare it to) but I did quite enjoy the bite of Mag's kimchi ruben. Beers were good, but I feel there are plenty of other places with better selections and prices (non-happy hour, as the reality of me getting there during happy hour is that there's no way I can make it).

  4. I'm curious, what were the non-happy hour beer prices? I don't think I ever inquired about those. I probably should have in order to make a fair review of the place.

  5. I guess the non-happy hour prices aren't out of the usual range, more so that they are ok and I wasn't all that impressed with the selection.

  6. My husband and I have been known to hang at the Celt's in Rosemount from time to time. The bartenders are nice enough to make a faux snakebite for me using bottled cider and tap Guiniess. Haven't been there in about a year though...time to go back and chill with a couple beers.