Saturday, February 6, 2010

Winterfest 2010

Contrary to our expectations, Kris and I had a pretty darn good time at Winterfest this year and I couldn't be happier about it. Some of our biggest areas of concern were addressed, which helped make the event more enjoyable. Most notably, the breweries/brew-pubs were spaced out a bit more which helped keep congestion under control. That had been our biggest concern with the event last year. I didn't feel cramped or uncomfortable at all this year. Many/most of the folks I spoke with concurred.

Once again, the beers at Winterfest were an absolute treat. I didn't go in with any plan in mind and, in fact, didn't bother picking up a program. I prefer to wander around, drinking what I come across and chasing down referrals from others. Oftentimes this means I miss especially interesting beer, but so be it. I wasn't disappointed with this years results.

Beers of Note
I had my first taste of Elisha's Olde Ale and Rainwater from Brau Bros. and was very surprised at how drinkable they were (for me) given that they were both 10% ABV. Very dangerous, indeed.

I also really enjoyed Surly's Jesus Juice (wine-barrel aged braggot - Three). I'd had it last year when it was released and didn't care much for it, but this seasoned rendition was damn good.

As usually, Bob & Joel at Great Waters brought some fantastic and interesting brews. I especially enjoyed their Winterye Mix.

Finally, I was very delighted with Rock Bottom's pulled Rotator IPA. It had the sour, funky BO aroma that I enjoy and some of the funk carried through in the flavor. Damn fine beer.

There was really only one source of disappointment about the event for me. I didn't quite have enough time to have any beer from Schell's or Barley John's, nor did I get a chance to have as many beers as I would have liked. There was just too much ground to cover in three hours and I spent too much time wagging my tongue.

Best of All
The best thing about this year's Winterfest is that there was no throw-down at Great Waters after the event. Thanks Keith!


  1. I'm glad to hear it was less crowded this year. Kat mentioned the same thing. Maybe I'll go next year.

  2. Sounds like a good time, I am bummed I was not present. I like the blind approach, no program. I'll have to try that at the next event.