Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cask is Good

Tonight I went up to my Old Chicago in Eagan to partake in the Summit cask they were to have. I’d heard it would be a cask of Extra Pale Ale, and while the offering didn’t completely excite me, I was excited that Summit had made the effort to bring a cask to my part of suburbia. Besides, Summit EPA is one of my go-to beers, yet one I’d never had on cask. So up the road I went, and low and behold, the cask was in fact Horizon Red Ale. A very happy turn of fates indeed!

The bartender kindly, after I had ordered my pint of the cask, also poured me a sample of “regular” Horizon Red for comparison. Having the two side by side made me a bit sad. Sad in the sense that the cask version was so good and this might be my only time, ever, to have it. But the sadness passed and was replaced by the joy of the here and now, the fine pint of cask Horizon Red Ale in front of me.

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