Saturday, June 18, 2011

Can, Can: Can I Get a Can?

It was by no means planned but last night’s drinking ended up consisting entirely of canned beer.

The first one was an unusual choice for me as well as for the beautiful, sunny, warm afternoon that was yesterday. The can of Monk’s Blood from 21st Amendment caught my eye while I was at Saraveza purchasing my Illegal Beer Bus ticket. It’s an unusual choice in that I pretty much feel the same way about 21st Amendment as I do about New Belgium. Hell or High Watermelon receives the same hype and adoration as does Fat Tire. Granted, this comes from people who find it important to be drinking “cool” beer. Nevertheless it tends to turn me off from their products in general.

It’s been a while since I had my last Monk’s Blood and after giving it another try, I will have to try to ignore the fact that 21st Amendment makes it. Instead I need to remember that it’s a solid beer, albeit probably more suited to a cool day, and like New Belgium, 21st Amendment can make a good beer.

The next one, Flyin’ HI.P.Hay from Maui Brewing, was also a bit of a second chance selection. I wasn’t thrilled with this beer the last (and first) time I had it. Part of it was that when I cracked it open I was in the mood for a nice, hoppy IPA and this beer is not that. This time around I knew I was getting an IPA with some characteristics of a red. With the resetting of my expectations I quite enjoyed this beer. As a bonus it went nicely with my cigar.

To end out the can session I went for a beer I knew, and knew would hit my hop spot – Caldera IPA. It’s a solid, straightforward IPA. Weighing in at 94 IBUs this is a sure winner for me any day.

I love that so many breweries are using the can as their method of getting their beer into my house. But being the equal opportunity drinker I am, put it in a can, put it in a bottle, just make a good beer and I’ll put it in my fridge.

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  1. Could go for that Caldera IPA right about now...too bad I'm on meds still for the week. (By the way, wisdom tooth removal from hell but that story comes later....) My opportunity for Caldera will be in the winter when I visit my nephew in California. I plan to make a beer list to seek out for that visit. I'm a can fan as well.