Saturday, June 25, 2011

Happy Coincidence

Friday, the end of the week/start of the weekend, was a good one for multiple reasons, one of them being a completely unplanned opportunity to try a beer I’d read about earlier in the day but had written off due to previous plans.

In a double beer tweet, Amnesia proclaimed, “Tappin’ it! Dopacetic, our double version of Copacetic IPA, goes on tap today along with Plum Founded, beer made with Italian plums!” Now I know you might not believe me, the hop head, when I say this but I was actually much more drawn to the latter offering. As intrigued as I was I figured a visit wasn’t in the cards for Friday night, maybe not for the whole weekend, so it would likely be gone before I got up there. Oh well, another beer I’d have to just wonder about.

But then, the afternoon took a turn with the combination of getting all my stuff done early for the evening and finding out some friends were meeting at Amnesia for beers. There wasn’t a huge window in my schedule, but enough I figured for a beer or two so I gathered up my goods, packed the cooler and hit the road. It wasn’t until I got to Amnesia, said a quick hello to the group and was perusing the beer menu did I realize I was going to get to try Plum Founded. Joy!

In all fairness I have to admit that if I didn’t know there were plums in the beer there would be a good chance I couldn’t properly identify the flavor. It’s a good flavor, don’t get me wrong, and it works very well with the Alt base, it’s just that plums don’t have an assertive flavor. Oh yeah, and I’m pretty sure this is the first plum beer I’ve ever had.

I assume this is a seasonal beer, maybe even a one off beer, but it’s one I’d love to see being brewed with regularity. Maybe it’ll make a return appearance at next year’s Fruit Beer Fest. In the meantime, any other chances that present themselves for me to drink it I’ll happily take.


  1. I really need to make it over there. For the longest time I have always had a lot of their offerings.. but never actually at their pub. Sad I know.

    I've had many beers that put off a plum flavor without actually using them. Would be interesting to try a beer brewed with them. I would think that any early addition of plum in the boil would get eaten up for the most part by the yeast.

  2. Never had a plum version...I'm intrigued. Hope your week is a pleasant one!