Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Excitement, Disappointment, Excitement

EastBurn, known for offering Beer Belly dinners on a regular basis, recently announced a Beer Brunch with Burnside Brewing. Between enjoying the last beer brunch we attended (at Saraveza) and the menu I was stoked to turn the calendar page this week and see that the brunch was just days away.

Deconstructed Bloody Mary served with Uni Ale
Farm fresh egg roulade with wild boar bacon, grilled spring vegetables and sharp cheddar, topped with blood orange hollandaise served with Oatmeal Pale Ale
Andouille sausage and crawfish gravy over spicy cast iron baked cornbread served with 4449 Common Ale
Creamy apricot and ginger snap parfait served with Sweet Heat

Just as I was ramping up my excitement level I received word that the brunch was being cancelled. Apparently either others have not enjoyed a beer brunch in the past, therefore not realizing that they shouldn't pass this up, or the holiday weekend meant a lot of people had other, conflicting plans.

Thankfully my sadness was short lived as I realized that by having what was sure to be a delicious, yet quite filling, brunched removed from my calendar that left me with stomach space available to attend a friend's Indian fusion fair underground supper club. I hadn't been able to attend the last one she offered but knew she made incredible food. As luck would have it she also graciously agreed to my request to bring beer along. Although I know I'll enjoy the included wine and an Indian spice-infused cocktail I'm a beer girl through and through. So now I've something new to be excited about and it's time to peruse the "cellar" to see what might go well with her menu.

Beet fritter - stem curry, mustard seed, coconut curry leaves, mint chutney, chaat yoghurt
Butternut squash bisque - habanero, maple syrup, bengalli spices, spiced candied bacon
Kale salad - kale, shaved fennel, cashew, Kashmiri yoghurt, fried lentils, lemon vinaigrette
Lamb + citrus polenta - Rogan josh, coconut, mustard, arugula, Bengali rye, honey goat butter
Rose panna cota - swelled basil seed, basil infused white chocolate

If you have any beer suggestions please leave a comment as my beer and food pairing abilities are at kindergarten level (at best). If you're interested in attending the dinner (Saturday at 7pm) leave me a note and I'll send you the details.


  1. Just saw a post about your pairing dilemma on the Pink Boots Society facebook page. First of all, JEALOUS of this menu, sounds fabulous. Second, I'll take a stab at some suggestions.

    Beet fritter - Here, I'd chose to pair with a fairly dry, but robust and spicy Saison. I'm thinking Ommegang's Hennepin in particular. The mustard and mint in the fritter should compliment the coriander and ginger in the beer quite nicely. Plus the dry finish of this beer should cut any heaviness from the fried aspect of fritter and have your palate ready for the next course.

    Squash Bisque - With habanero, maple syrup, spices and BACON, there is a tremendous amount of flavor and aroma already happening in this course and so I would think "cool and cleanse." Two of my favorite beers that lend themselves to the task both come from Victory, the Prima Pils and Summer Love.

    Kale Salad - The fennel stands out as the center of the pairing here. And with fennel, I generally go fruit/citrus, which generally leads me back to Belgians. But, since I already suggested a Belgian, I'll instead suggest Dogfish Head's Festina Peche Berliner Weisse. The acidity should compliment the salad and provide a nice contrast to the fatty nut and bacon additions.

    Lamb - I waffled a lot when thinking about this course, whether to pick up the rye and run, back off and let the protein shine, or put forward something robust to play rival to the gamey red meat and corn combo. In the end, I am choosing the last option and recommending a Founders Porter... but, sip leisurely, this beer has a tendency to coat.

    Panna Cota - My first inclination was to suggest a bold dessert beer, a big beautiful stout with coffee and chocolate notes (which I am still suggesting in all honesty), but I can't pass up the tendency to complete the basil trifecta and suggest Bison's Organic Honey Basil.

    Enjoy the dinner, it sounds phenomenal!

    1. Thanks for your suggestions, Nikol. I'll be talking with the chef and will include your suggestions before I decide what to bring. Hopefully I can restrain myself enough during the dinner to snap some photos and take some notes to report back afterward.