Monday, May 6, 2013

Sour Goodness at Coalition

Coalition Brewing on SE Ankeny was one of the first places we found and felt like we could call ours when we moved to Portland three years ago. In the beginning we went there quite frequently. As time progressed, however we kept finding more places, new places kept opening up and before we knew it, we had to look at one another and ask, "How long has it been since we've been to Coalition?" That's a hard thing to admit since Elan, Kylie and the whole staff are so great and welcoming. Then, of course, there's the great beer that they make.

We've recently moved so that now we're only 10 blocks from Coalition. It's an easy walk, especially on gorgeous days like we've had recently, and I'm happy to say that I've been twice in the last week. The most recent visit was spurred by the release of their first sour beer, Sourpuss Sour Belgian Wit. Sour beers are a favorite style of mine so I was eager to give it a try. I'm pleased to report that it is an outstanding, drinkable sour. Thankfully it's a sessionable 3.8% ABV because I could hardly put my glass down between sips.

If you don't happen to live near Coalition keep your eyes peeled for it in stores. Bottles are currently available at the pub ($9 if I remember correctly) and will soon be showing up at select bottle shops. This is a limited edition beer so the labels are a bit of a departure from the look of other Coalition beers. Check out the image below and imprint it in your mind's eye so you can make sure to pick some up when you spy it in the cooler.

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