Saturday, August 24, 2013

Macro BrewFest Musings

I suppose it was only a matter of time until there was a backlash against all the craft beer festivals in Portland. Or perhaps it would be more appropriate to say it was only a matter of time until someone figured out how to make money on it. Either way the Macro BrewFest is going on at "Foster/Powell dive O'Malley's" (Thrillist's words, not mine).

The three-day festival runs through today (Saturday) and for just $7 one can get your choice of four tallboys (from a selection of 14), live music and comedy. In case you're wondering just how macro things are, here's the list of 14: Genesee, Icehouse, Iron City, Hamm's, Olympia, MGD, Old German, Rainier, Busch, Rolling Rock, Miller High Life, PBR, Bud and Coors.


You could go get yourself a bunch of well-made craft lagers over at White Owl Social Club's first Lagerfest (running today and Sunday). The decision is yours. Choose wisely, my thirsty friends.

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