Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sour Sisters

In case you haven't guessed it already, I'm a huge fan of both Coalition Brewing and The Commons Brewery. I love nearly everything both breweries are turning out and the owners/brewers are some of the best beer folks around. Over the last few months it occurred to me that a beer from one brewery reminded me of a beer from the one. However I was going on memory alone and I'm the first to admit how faulty my memory can be. Seeking to test my memory properly I opened a bottle of The Commons Maybelle side-by-side with a bottle of Coalition Sourpuss.

Maybelle is a 5% ABV American Wild Ale and Sourpuss is a 3.8% ABV Sour Belgian Wit. Different styles of beer, yes, but sisters or at least kissing cousins. Other than the obvious color and clarity difference, the flavors were close enough for me to feel that my memory hadn't misled me.

Maybelle's color was a bit darker, a bit cloudy and highly carbonated as was evidenced by a foam over upon opening the bottle. The sour aroma was followed by a softer sour flavor that got a little funk on it as it warmed.

Sourpuss was a brighter shade, clearer and more effervescent on the tongue. It gave off more of a funky, rather than sour, aroma but there was certainly some funk in the back of the mouth.

I will stick with my original Untappd ratings where I gave one a 3.5 rating and one a 4 but they are both great beers that I'd be happy to drink any day of the week. If you've had both were you reminded of one by the other? If you haven't had one or both, give them a try if you get the chance. The sourness/funkiness is mild enough in both that they should be palatable even to those who aren't nuts about the style like I am.

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