Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Finding a Lover Who's Also a Beer Lover?

The downside is you'll have to supply your own beer & peanuts.
I'm not single and hopefully my better half will keep me around for a good, long time. That being said if I was single I have to admit that for as shallow as it may sound, one of the requirements in a new partner would be that he enjoyed craft beer.

It's been a long time since I was on the market, long before online dating (thank goodness). These days it seems like a fairly mainstream way of meeting people and instead of being weird it appears for some to be a viable way to meet Mr. or Ms. Right. It certainly can't be more awkward/difficult/worse than the old school plan of finding someone at a bar.

Enter Craft Beer Mingles. I ran across this dating website on my Twitter feed and couldn't help but be intrigued with their tagline, "Where craft beer lovers find each other!" As I mentioned before, I'd need to make sure any future partners were craft beer lovers and while there may be a way to do that on eHarmony, Match, etc this seems a great way to get right to the point. You can bet I wouldn't be looking in bars that only served an assortment of BMC products so this seems to make sense, at least in theory.

Have you heard of Craft Beer Mingles? Have you, or anyone you know, used it? I'm curious but not being in the market makes it hard to know if this is really a good option for singles looking to find a partner with the same drinking tastes. Is it too new yet and lacking a good pool of people?


  1. Ha, I haven't heard of it but Craft Beer Mingles sounds pretty cool to me. I might even have a few single guy pals to introduce to the site.

    1. If anyone tries it out I'd love to hear more about it. Sounds like a pretty new site.