Monday, March 3, 2014


Regret is one of the downsides of being a beer geek and it showed its ugly head this morning. As I opened my email to see the results of Concordia Ale House's Beer Brawl VII and began perusing the names of the 12 beers that had comprised the taster tray a wave of regret swept over me. Sure, I'd had things going on but it wasn't like there hadn't been any opportunities for me to swing up to CAH for a tray. Rather I knew about it, kept thinking about going and in the end just didn't get around to it.

This is a different kind of regret than, for example, last June when we took a beercation to Colorado during Portland Beer Week. The trip was great fun - four days of delicious beers with friends from Minnesota. Nevertheless I regretting missing out on the Fruit Beer Festival, one of my favorites, and some of the other goings on that were happening in conjunction with PDX Beer Week for those four days.

I presume if you're reading this that you, too, are a beer geek and as part and parcel you experience regret from time to time. What has been a recent regret for you (perhaps missing out on a Pliny the Younger tapping)? How about one of your biggest regrets (maybe not yet going to GABF after planning to for years)?

P.S. After drafting this post, I did my morning Facebook feed check in only to see a post from a beer geek that is currently living overseas. He was feeling a bit sorry for himself that he didn't have any hoppy beers in the fridge. What he did have was a bottle of Cantillon. Regret or feeling sorry for one's self takes many forms.

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  1. I regret missing out on Pelican Brewery's Tsunami Stout aged in Dry Fly Whiskey barrels. They only did a few kegs.