Friday, May 9, 2014

Beer & Health

Cheers to health!
Perhaps my view that beer can be part of a healthy lifestyle is skewed by the fact that I Love. It. So. Much. And love is an important part of being healthy, right?

A couple days ago a media release found its way to my inbox entitled, "Search for the Healthiest Beer," and I was intrigued. It turnes out that there is a legitimate event being held on the eve of PDX Beer Week, put on by a registered non-profit organization. The event boasts blind tastings from 12 local craft breweries, gourmet appetizers, live auction and an entertaining panel that will make the case for their favorite beer before the winner is chosen by the crowd. Adding to the legit factor are corporate sponsors that include Columbia Sportswear, MODA Health and Cambia.

I figured that event was a one-off, one of those things that helps Portland maintain its keeping it weird status. Apparently we're not the only ones, however, as I ran across a story about Brew Rendezvous a day later.

Taking place on Sunday, May 18th in San Diego, this event is also being put on by a non-profit, Community Health Improvement Partners (CHIP). Whereas the Portland event takes a bit more lighthearted note, the San Diego event "will underline local brewers' role in supporting local agriculture, ensuring that San Diegans are able to enjoy a wide variety of fresh, wholesome food." Either way, I for one, appreciate the efforts of both organizations and all of those involved in the events for continuing to add to the legitimacy of beer (craft beer, that is).

Those of us who have already come into the fold know that we don't drink with the goal of getting wasted. Hopefully these and other events will show, especially to those who abstain from alcohol completely, how the production and consumption of beer is part of a much larger system that supports our communities and doesn't have to have a negative impact on health.

What's your take on events like these?

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