Thursday, May 1, 2014

Summer Beer Suggestion

Holy crap, gorgeous weather in PDX! While this isn't the beginning of summer it is most certainly a peek into the crystal ball at what's ahead. It's time to start shunning the barley wines and the Russian imperial stouts for something more refreshing, more quenching. To this end I offer up a suggestion: Portland Brewing ZigZag River Lager.

If you know me or have been following along here for a while you probably know that lagers aren't generally high on my list of beer styles. These days there seem to be more and more exceptions to the "rules" of what I like and this is yet another.

ZigZag is a light-drinking, not-too-lagery-for-my-palate beer has become a year-round offering from Portland Brewing and is named after an actual river. The caramel notes that the malts impart definitely pop out to me, reminding me more of a blonde ale rather than a lager. Hey, an easy drinking, 5% beer that's easy to find and easy on the pocketbook, I'll take it. Perhaps today would be a good day for you to try one out.

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