Friday, June 12, 2015

pFriem Beers + Spirits = A Most Adult Father's Day Pairing

When you get asked if you'd like to sit in on a meeting in which the parties will be creating beer and spirits pairings you don't say no. That's just what I had the opportunity to do when Dave Shenaut of Raven&Rose and Matt Kotwasinski of pFriem Family Brewers gathered in the upstairs Rookery Bar to figure out pairings for Father's Day.

Matt showed up with a case of beer, Dave flung open the doors of the well-stocked bar and in no time the table was filled with glasses. At the end of it all six pairings had been created that will be offered during brunch Sunday, June 21st 10 am - 2pm. Each pairing will be $10: 12 oz of the beer plus a 1 oz sidecar of the spirit.

Pilsner and John L Sullivan "10 Count" Irish Whiskey - The idea behind this simple pairing is that of "a powers and a pils."

Wit and Asbach Uralt 3yr German Brandy - The clean and crisp brandy is well matched with the zesty character the coriander and orange peel impart in the Wit.

Belgian Strong Blonde and 1792 R&R Single Barrel Bourbon - The easy drinking beer compliments the complex Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

Belgium Strong Dark and Hibiki 12yr Suntory Japanese Whisky - The combination of the ripe fig and chocolate notes from the beer and the whisky aged in plums is down right delicious.

Flanders Red and Zucca Rabarbaro - This is a perfect dessert pairing with the wood and smoke from the amaro liquor blend tastily with the fruit notes from the beer.

Blonde IPA and Ancho Reyes Chile Liqueur - Perhaps the weirdest and most fun pairing combines pFriem's bold take on the style with the smoky sweetness of the liqueur.

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