Monday, January 23, 2017

RingSide & Burnside Put a Ring On It

Before you get any further just go ahead and get the song going (you know you want to). Ok, everyone feeling sassy? Good, now for the important!

Burnside Brewing Co. has created a signature beer for RingSide named Put a Ring On It, a pale ale is made with coriander and Buddha's Hand fruit, gently hopped with Citra hops to accentuate the citrus' sweet floral fragrance and mild zest flavor. It will debut on Monday, January 23rd and be available for a special price of $4 per glass at all three RingSide properties - Fish House, Steakhouse and Grill. The beer will remain specially priced weekly on RingSide Fish House's Dollar Oyster Mondays menu 3pm to close. How long it will be available will depend on customer response and after that we have been told to expect to see another RingSide-exclusive beer from Burnside in an ongoing collaboration.

As breweries and restaurants alike strive to remain relevant in the ever crowded food and beverage landscape of Portland, competing for consumers' finite dollars it's exciting to see new partnerships crop up. Only time will tell the success of this one but for those (like us) that are forever on the hunt for the next beer we haven't yet had it's worth a trip to check it out, which is what I'll be doing later today at the Fish House. See you there?

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