Monday, November 24, 2008

At long last

I finally made it to the Blue Door. The first time we tried to go, we were going to meet Kat & Scott there. They arrived first, told us there were so many people waiting that there was no more room to wait. Since then, Mag has gone there for lunch during the week and we’ve talked about trying to go up there again however it usually ends up being a Thursday, Friday or Saturday and we have figured it would be packed so haven’t even tried. Last night Mag suggested that we go up there for a late dinner. Figuring that if there would ever be a time when they wouldn’t be too busy, a Sunday night at 7:30 should be it. Sort of.

When we arrived all the tables and the seats at the bar were filled except for one booth. If you’ve been there, this isn’t saying much since I can’t imagine they can seat more than 50 or 60. Anyway, glad to have gotten a table I was even happier to see that they had Lift Bridge Harvester on tap. Mmmmmmm. After enjoying ½ of the growler of Flat Earth cherry infused porter (gotta make sure there's an empty one to get filled with hazelnut this week) earlier I was ready for something else.

At first our server told me it would be a few minutes on the Harvester as they had to change the keg. Then she came back and delivered the bad news…they were out of Harvester. Disappointing, but since they also had Lagunitas IPA that was an easy back up plan.

With beer on the way we felt compelled to give their Spam bites a try. After placing that order and waiting for the beer, our server came back empty handed. I thought for sure she was going to tell me they were also out of the IPA. No. Instead it was the Spam bites they were out of. Blow number two for the night. Deciding that we didn’t really need an appetizer both of us ordered their Jucy Blucey with some tots. This was what I had come for.

Even after the disappointment of no Harvester and no Spam bites, the Blucey made up for it. I mean really, what’s not to like about a hamburger stuffed with pepperjack cheese and topped with peanut butter and bacon? My only criticism was that I think it could have done without the mayo. Oh well, next time I’ll ask that they leave it off, because yes, there will be a next time. I’ll have to steel myself for a likely wait for a table but with a pretty good beer selection and their food to look forward to it’ll be worth it. In fact, I can’t imagine much better than nabbing a seat in this cozy joint on a bitter cold winter day.


  1. The Blue Door is fastly becoming one of my regular hangouts. The food is outstanding in a simplistic sort of way, cheese burgers that have that little something special about them. Tots, say no more and A great line up of beers. I had the Cobb Salad with Crispy Cahicken the last two time I've been there, outstanding. Sorry they were out of the Havestor, Brad and I must have finished it off the night before.

  2. Cahicken?

    My fingers must still be a little druck from the weekend...sorry

  3. Yeah, druck, when you're to drunk to actually spell drunk or chicken for that matter...