Friday, November 28, 2008

Five Questions

I know we have at least a few people that read our blog. Some of you leave comments, some of you reference a post when we see you and some of you poke us when it's been too long since the last post and you need some new reading material. I also figure it's possible that there are a few others that do none of the above but for some reason still check in to see what we've been up to from time to time.

James Norton from City Pages found our blog and contacted us a few weeks back for his Five Questions series. With it being the holidays I'm not sure I'm going to have anything too interesting to write for you for a couple days. Maybe our Five Questions responses will tide you over until we can come up with something better. Oh, and a belated Happy Thanksgiving! May you have recovered enough from yesterday's food coma to be ready to do it again today.