Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mighty Mites at Coalition

On Saturday one of our favorite haunts, Coalition Brewing, hosted “Mighty Mites: A session beer festival” on their back patio. This was the second such festival of the summer with Blitz Ladd putting on “Summer Session” the last Saturday of the July. We didn’t make it to that one, having out of town beer lovers and houseguests to tour around Beervana, and had it not been the case that my better half is a greater fan of session beers than I am, I might not have made it to this one either.

Perusing the offerings as set up ran past the official noon start time*, I crossed off the beers I’d had before, setting my course to hit a couple lighter hopped beers before diving into ones I expected to have a bit more bite, like
Stone Levitation. I also had to set Fort George Working Girl Porter back in line a few places, not wanting the anticipated chocolate/coffee flavors to coat my palate too early in the game.

Throughout the afternoon, which was sunny, toasty and perfect for drinking session beers, I made it through all of the beers I wanted to try and then settled in for repeat fills of
Block 15 Berliner Weiss. Not the most attractive of beers, especially through the cloudiness of my OBF mug, it more than made up for it with a light and mildly tart/sour flavor that cut through the heat of the day.

Besides the beer and the great weather, there was plenty of beer talk to be had. A number of the #pdxbeergeeks showed up, we reconnected with some folks we had met at another fest and got the chance to talk to a few new acquaintances as well. Not much more one could ask for, if you ask me.

*I have come to the conclusion that it must be a rule for all Oregon beer festivals to start late. Therefore no offense aimed in any specific direction.

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