Friday, August 19, 2011

Perspective, Perception

Warning: This post is only sort of about beer. It’s more about beer people.

Having not posted for a few weeks I’ve been feeling a little stressed, like I’m letting the handful of loyal readers who bother to keep coming back down. I’ve been drinking good beer as usual but nothing has inspired me quite enough to tell you about it. But a beer related musing has popped into my mind, triggered in part by meeting up with some #pdxbeergeeks at the Green Dragon earlier this week.

I’d met a couple of these people, who I’ve found through the Twitterverse, in person before. The rest however I’d just seen through whatever picture they’d chosen to represent themselves with. Many of those pictures, including mine, obscure part of the face so one only has a partial idea of what the person looks like. This leaves one’s mind to make up the rest and it’s unlikely that the mind will get it exactly (or even remotely) right.

I was told by one person (not last night) that I look taller in my Twitter picture. When I heard that I thought it was kind of odd but since then that exact thought has popped into my mind about someone else. Weird. I don’t have an explanation so if you do, I’d love to hear it.

Anyway, I find it interesting to see what picture people chose to represent themselves with after I’ve met them in the flesh. I know many of mine have as much to do with how I look in the picture as what was actually going on when the picture was taken.

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