Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Two Loves, Combined

I did it. Finally. On a Monday night no less. That’s right, I’m no longer a Roscoe’s virgin.

What pushed me over the edge? What temptation was it I could no longer resist? Sushi. Not just any sushi, but sushi paired with the bittered nectar of the gods, beer.

Although my love of sushi is strong and my love of beer uncontested, combining the two in a planned way was something I found to be intimidating. If done improperly, instead of complimenting one another one might overpower the other or they might clash in a horrific way. I’d be left unsatisfied and resentful of squandering two things that are exquisite on their own.
Of the eight pairings Roscoe’s, and their neighbor Miyamoto Sushi, offered, four passed my lips.

Those four were chosen based more so on the sushi side of the equation, with the beer pairing barely taken into consideration. In fact it’s unlikely that I would order a pint of any of these four beers on their own. Both the Gratzer and the Flora Rustica and not styles I tend to prefer, Kolsches don’t generally do much for me and the Hibiscus Ginger, while intriguing, would get the most cred in my book by the fact that Caldera makes it.

As is to be expected when ordering sushi, the presentation was beautiful. After tasting each of the pairings it was clear that the thought put into the beer selections were equal to the care put into the making of the sushi and I thoroughly enjoyed all four. I could have easily been convinced to order those same four again or taken on the next four were it not for the 82nd Po-boy with tots patiently waiting on the table, which turned out to be delicious as well. (As a side note, if you are a Taco John’s potato ole fan, these tots are the closest thing I’ve ever had – yum!)

Left to right: #3 Escolar Roll w/Upright Flora Rustica, #8 Black Tiger Roll w/Burnside Gratzer, #6 Hamachi Roll w/Caldera Hibiscus Ginger, #1 Sexy Magic Roll w/Oakshire Daily Dose Kolsch

If you weren’t able to make it to this event, I’m sorry. It was a great time and at only $15 for all of that food and beer you see in the picture, an absolute steal. But don’t be too sad. Miyamoto sushi can be ordered and eaten along with beer at Roscoe’s any evening until 1 am. And keep your eyes open for me because this first visit is the kind of visit that ensures I’ll be making my way back for more.

A big thanks to all the folks that worked hard and worked together to put this on. You did great!

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  1. Sushi and beer pairings do indeed sound difficult and intimidating to me. Looks and sounds like a great deal, Kris!