Sunday, April 27, 2008

5 Days, 17 Breweries/brewpubs & 100+ Beers

That’s the short version of our recent trip to Portland with Kat and Scott. The slightly expanded version started with our flight out Wednesday morning. Upon arrival at the Portland airport promptly made our first of many stops, sidling up to the bar at the Rogue airport outpost. A pint of their Hazelnut helped to blot out the memory of spending the last 3 ½ hours on the plane with entirely too many loud, unruly children sired by parents who seem oblivious to their offspring’s effect on those around them. With some Rogue under our belts and a better frame of mind it was off to see about our rental car. Not surprisingly, they had given away our car so we ended up with an upgrade to a Cadillac. After getting enough to the many electronic features down to safely navigate it was out to Astoria for us. 18 hours of beer and a stop on the coast later we were motoring back to Portland, hitting our 3rd Rogue outpost of the trip before getting back into Portland. Thursday through Saturday were spent visiting a fair portion of the Portland beer scene, a couple of tiki joints, a friendly strip club and Voodoo Doughnuts. Detailing it all would take quite a while and might be a bit more boring for those who weren’t there to enjoy it with us but suffice it to say Portland knows how to do beer and it’s never a disappointing trip. I’ll leave the highlights and lowlights for Mag to tackle in more detail. Stay tuned…


  1. "...entirely too many loud, unruly children sired by parents who seem oblivious to their offspring’s effect on those around them."

    As a parent of two youngins who has spent many loooong hours on planes with them, I'm biting my tongue....

    With that, I want to see a list of the beers! Best of show? Worst? Best bar? C'mon!

  2. Ok I just read Scott's blog, and his description of the children and their, um, issues (puking, kicking, yeah) gives me fewer reasons to bite my tongue.

    Still, flying with young children is not something I would wish on any non-parent.

  3. Yes, I suppose that was a little harsh. There are some parents who appear to know how to travel with children and I am so thankful when those are the ones on the plane with me. But like most things, a couple rotten ones tend to ruin it for the whole lot.

  4. Kat and I flew from Minneapolis to Puerto Vallarta with our 3 1/2 year old niece. She was a doll. She quietly watched her videos, slept, and behaved herself. Same on the return trip to Minneapolis.

    After flying with her, I'm spoiled. I don't expect other children to be as well behaved as she is but I sure wish they were!