Friday, April 18, 2008

Fatty Boombalatty

I LOVE that name! Even though it’s a Belgian and therefore not one of my favorite styles the name alone makes this worth trying. To be fair, this is a pretty drinkable beer that Belgian and non-Belgian fans can both enjoy. Not only did we have the pleasure of trying this newest offering from Furthermore, we also got to meet ½ of the Furthermore crew, Chris, at Harvey’s last night. Fatty Boombalatty and Chris…two thumbs up! Harvey’s…well, the fact that they offer FREE tap domestics and rails from 5-7 on Thursday’s says a lot. What it doesn’t say though is that they actually have a pretty decent tap and bottle selection AND tater tots. The crowd isn’t your beer crowd, which is unfortunate but Chris did his best to make converts of them anyway.

Their Knot Stock is my favorite but I’m excited to see what they’ll be brewing up in the future, which until their facility in Spring Green is up and running will continue to be brewed by Aran at Pioneer’s facilities in Black River Falls. It’s great to see a more established craft brewer lending a hand to a new kid on the block. Alcorn Beverage, who also handles Tyranena, is their Twin Cities distributor so if you’re at the store and see Tyranena but not Furthermore, ASK FOR IT…they can get it.

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