Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Most Pleasant, Least Pleasant, Most Visited

Mag’s been a little busy lately so I’ll take the first step at sharing some of our Portland trip.
The winner for Most Pleasant Surprise goes to Fort George Brewery & Public House in Astoria. I didn’t have too much faith in this place from their website and the fact that they are less than 1 year old but I think I can speak for all of us to say they knocked our socks off! They had 8 beers on tap and the porter was my favorite although the wit, a style I don’t generally like, was pretty darn good.
The winner for Least Pleasant Surprise goes to Laurelwood Public House & Brewery on Sandy Blvd in Portland. After a very nice visit to Laurelwood NW Public House & Brewery on Kearney St on our way back into Portland from Astoria we were looking forward to trying another of the Laurelwood outlets (there’s 3). There couldn’t have been a greater difference between the two places. The Laurelwood on Sandy had too many things wrong to list but probably the most notable were the sorry state of both the men’s and women’s bathrooms, including zero soap in the men’s bathroom closest to the kitchen and a complete lack of interest by the staff in our experience.
The winner for Most Visited goes to Rogue. It was a 5 day trip and we were at Rogue 5 times- 1st on Wednesday at the Portland airport upon our arrival, next at Rogue Ales Public House in Astoria later that afternoon, Thursday on our way back from the coast to Portland at the Rogue Brew Pub & Eatery in North Plains, 1st thing after breakfast Friday morning at Rogue Ales Public House in downtown Portland and our final visit was at 8:00 am Sunday morning again in the Portland airport where we had a pint along with breakfast.


  1. How was your Rogue experiences?

  2. Rogue- all locations- were great. I had no problem going 5 times in 5 days. Next time though I want to go to their place out in Newport where you can get a room above their bar.

  3. I'm glad we left the Portland-location of Rogue when we did because I would have been inclined to stay there all day.