Friday, May 2, 2008

The Black Helicopter Has Landed

A quick departure from the details of our Portland trip is warranted. Last night we went to the newly named Ugly Mug (formerly Harvey’s) to give Flat Earth’s latest creation, Black Helicopter, a try. According to Jeff’s email, Black Helicopter is a coffee oatmeal stout made with locally roasted Columbia coffee beans from Paradise Roasters. I love both coffee and coffee beers so this one had me drooling in anticipation. No surprise, I wasn’t disappointed. This beer is fantastic! The coffee aroma is heaven, the taste clean and full but without being too filling. I could drink a lot of this one and if last night is any indication, I’m off to a good start. If coffee beers are your thing (or maybe even if they're not) get out there before the Helicopter flies away.

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