Tuesday, July 1, 2008

So I'm in DC for work

And I’m doing my best to find some decent beer to drink. I got into town on Saturday and had dinner at a pretty good Mexican joint, however being a Mexican joint meant only Mexican beers to choose from so I ended up with a Negro Modelo and a Dos Equis Amber. Neither were bad, neither were great but the table side made guac was excellent!

Sunday night dinner was a working function and a totally Kosher meal. I believe there are a few Kosher beers out there but none to be found that night. Instead I had an ok, but drinkable red and a surprisingly pleasant white. My boss, as much a wine connoisseur as I am one of beer, said it was very “oaky.” Guess I like oaky wines.

Monday I had a little time to spare after my time with the treadmill so I ended up in the hotel lounge that had a limited selection so I went with a 22 oz can of Sapporo. It wasn’t bad, especially since I think it’s a lager. There weren’t any really strong lager flavors or aroma and none of the aftertaste. Being late afternoon in a lounge they brought out a bowl of salted nuts and assorted olives. Both yummy but the surprising part was I found out the olives went very, very well with the Sapporo.

Monday night was another working function but this time I was able to get beer- Oak Barrel Stout by Old Dominion in Ashburn, VA and Mount Vernon Harvest Ale brewed by the same folks (this was at the Mount Vernon Inn). The stout was niiiiice, chocolately, smooth and not too sweet. My only complaint would be that I was drinking it in the summer instead of a cold, winter day. The Harvest Ale wasn’t so good but that might be because I’m not an Oktoberfest fan.

Tuesday, the meeting’s nearly over and during a non-working lunch of sushi and cheese I had another Sapporo (don’t worry, there’s been no converting here, it’s just there’s so little beer to choose from here!). I found an even better thing to consume with a Sapporo…ginger. The kind of ginger that’s served with sushi. This might even be a combination I would seek out, well, if my beer choices were limited like this again.

In about 24 hours I should be on a plane headed back to good beer. I hope Mag’s ready to go out or at least sit home and have a few beers with me because I’m gonna need something good to drink by then. Oh yeah, and as soon as I get home my weekend starts so why not start it off right with a great brew?


  1. Me and the beer will be on ice waiting.

  2. Ah...so that's what you were doing instead of answering Kat's call.