Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The weather is miserable...thank goodness there's beer to keep us cool

So far I’ve only drank half of the Dogfish Head but if this heat keeps up the rest will be gone before the weekend is over. In the meantime I’m enjoying a solid warm weather favorite, Groovy Brew, that unfortunately graces our beer fridge a small number of times each year (dang those Minnesota laws).

Generally I prefer more strongly flavored beers but this is one of the few exceptions. There isn’t a ton of aroma and upon first entering my mouth there seems to be something lager-ish going on but if finishes smooth, balanced and slightly sweet. Plus it’s got a cool label!

Since I was near the computer with a little time to kill I figured maybe I should consult the experts to see what kind of beer they call this. Wanna guess? Bet you can’t. The answer is Kolsch. So I was right on detecting some lager notes. I like to be right but more than that I love a great beer. Next time you make a run across the border you really should pick some of this up, if for no other reason than to have it for me to drink when I come over.

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