Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday morning musing

This morning overhearing coworkers talk about last night’s episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” (and then on to the fact that one of them was a couple weeks behind on “Friday Night Lights”) got me to thinking about how much my TV viewing has changed over the last couple years. At this point you may be wondering if somehow you stumbled upon the “Evil” mspbeer blog (“Seinfeld” reference in case you’re confused), but bear with me.

So these days even though there are some shows I vaguely try to keep up on – “Anthony Bourdain”, “Top Chef”, “Intervention” – with the exception of Top Chef, they are not series shows. And thank goodness the powers that be at Bravo understand this type of TV watching behavior and will often run three consecutive episodes back to back to allow slackers like me to catch up.

Instead of trying to keep up on the latest TV shows, I’m much more likely trying to keep up on the latest tappings, what new seasonals are in at Cellar’s, what beer might be about to run out at Town Hall before I get there for Pint Club and if there’s anything in the current beer fridge inventory that tickles my fancy. Which got me to wondering if that makes me sound like an alcoholic or if I have enough friends doing the same thing, and understand the motivation behind it, that I appear normal.

Enough coffee induced musing for now. Come back in the next couple of days to hear all about our adventures at Firkin Fest. Woo-hoo!

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  1. While I can understand your sentiment there is no need for woe. TV is more often than not a mindless distraction, at least shows like Top Chef might inspire one to craft wonderful dishes. Beer is one of the most wonderful beverages in existence and following it with your heart shows that you are not an alcoholic. Now whether or not this makes you normal...I can not say. More importantly who gives a hoot. Have fun at Firkin Fest, perhaps I'll see you there.