Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hope for Humankind

I came across a story today on the BBC website that cheered me up immensely. Check it out


There are a few things that I especially enjoyed. First, I was happy to hear that the kid was saved.

Second, I was happy that the kid was saved by Spidey and juice. Could you imagine how damn cool it would be if you were helped by a superhero? I mean, there you are, trying to get a cab home in the rain after having had a few too many beers at a work happy hour. All of a sudden, some dude dressed up like Spider-Man or maybe Captain America pulls over, hops out, offers you a juice box and then a ride. And does this because he wants to help. Hell, any superhero worth his cape would probably swing by Taco Bell for you too on the way home.

Third, I was delighted that the reporter was thoughtful enough to explain why the firefighter had a Spider-Man costume in his locker at the station. That makes this a damn good story instead of a weird, creepy story.

You rock, Spidey!


Weird, about an hour after posting this, I saw a promo for a special story that KSTP is running on a related topic. And I also came across something on City Pages.

I've changed my mind. Not cool. Creeeeeeepy.

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