Monday, March 30, 2009

I need a beer…

…a good beer, and in a very bad way. After only 2 days of our 4 in Mexico, that was my exact thought.

The all inclusive we stayed at served only Dos Equis, both the regular and amber varieties. In all fairness I’ll admit that Dos Equis amber is one of my preferred Mexican beers, along with Negro Modelo. However, when a mediocre lager is the only halfway palatable choice, it gets old fast. Really fast.

So by the time we were boarding the plane home I was so desperate for something resembling the beloved, flavorful, enjoyable craft beers I’ve apparently gotten spoiled on that I almost asked the flight attendant what their beer selection consisted of. Then I thought better of it. Knowing that she would rattle off a list of undesirable macros as my hopes for something worth paying for dwindled was more disappointment than I could bear as I kissed the sun and warmth of the past few days goodbye.

Instead I sat, dreaming of getting home, getting some dinner and picking something from our modestly stocked beer fridge (time for runs to both Cellar’s and WI) to cure my four day forced fast from the beers I love.


  1. My wife and I recently were married in Mexico at an all-inclusive, and that was my exact same thought process about two days into the trip...give me some decent beer!!! Hope you guys had a nice time there, macro lagers notwithstanding.

  2. Ditto to what Aaron said... my wife and I were rencently in Jamaica and you all know the only beer available there.... Well I guess we did have Guinness Foreign Extra which was far better than Red Stripe. I wish I could have found some Dragon Stout, heard that was good.

  3. Just got back from Mexico myself. My all inclusive choices were Sol and Superior. However, the NW connection from Houston to Mpls at least had Leinie Sunset Wheat. Not great, but a step up from MillCoorWeiser.

  4. Wow. The horror stories abound. My guess is there is little chance of the beer selection at these resorts improving given the size and influence of the Mexican breweries.

    I expected the dearth of good beer. I can live with that. What bothered me more were the bland bloody marys. I guess that's the right karmic reaction to my not liking tequila.