Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Good beer is in limited supply

Today may very well be the last day this week I can get a respectable beer.

Feeling the weight of that statement on my shoulders I was determined not to squander what opportunity there was to make sure I had at least one good beer before the curse of Corona (aka trip to Mexico) descended upon me.

Selecting from my limited options I decided to give Buster's some love as I've been neglecting them a bit lately. Their online beer menu indicated they had Flat Earth Extra Mdium as well as a couple Lagunitas offerings. With some skepticism about how current that menu really was, I headed over to get a first hand look at things.

To say their online beer menu was out of date would have been an understatement. Even the one I was handed as I sat down wasn't completely current, however there were a couple of intriguing beers listed: Lagunitas Hairy Eyeball and New Holland Dragon's Milk. A tough call, but the Eyeball won least until I looked up and saw their tap handles. There was a Dark Horse and the Lagunitas appeared to be Imperial Red.

Upon asking what Dark Horse they had, I learned it was Scotty Karate and apparently the Lagunitas was in fact Hairy Eyeball. So I stuck with my original plan and ordered the Eyeball, along with some sea salt and vinegar chips.

The chips came out a beautiful golden brown, plucked from the fryer just before they crossed the line into burnt, thinly sliced and although they could have been a bit stronger with the salt and vinegar flavor, were quite nice. A great improvement since the last time I had ordered them, at least 6 months ago. (However, the $2 price increase over the online menu price was a bit jolting.)

Overall, a good visit. Now if they could just keep the online beer listing current I'd be inclined to stop by more often, especially between 3 and 6 M-F for happy hour.


  1. Also wish their menu listed the serving size you're purchasing. I understand and have no problem with smaller servings for more potent beers, but it's nice to know what to expect before it's set down in front of you.

  2. Anon: If it's so important to you, then maybe you could just ask.